Rowie Driessen

// Waalwijk, NL


My name is Rowie, i'm a Communication & Multimedia Design student based in the Netherlands. I want to become multifunctional when it comes to multimedia design. Try and fail, but never fail to try! I am a go-getter and initiative, this ensures that I don't give up quickly during a project and want to achieve the goal. I am also a very social person and I am very eager to learn, that is also a reason why i'm open to feedback, ideas but also criticism. My interest is designing media that has a positive influence on society because there is already a lot of design that has negative influences. In addition to my studies, I fitness as relaxation, I like to work on my self-development, meditate and do something fun with friends.

HBO, Communication

& Multimedia Design

Hogeschool Rotterdam // '17 -

Visual Designer, Internship

WEEKEND Creative Agency,

Breda // '19 - '20



Health is so important to me because I've been confronted with it in my life. After I've had struggles with mental health, I realized that that is the most important thing you have to take care about. If I am not mentally healthy, I can bring myself down and several factors have a negative influence on this, for example social media. In the process of building my Ethical Manifesto, I've found out that it's important to me  to develop designs that will have a positive impact on society. I want to contribute to bring more positivity into the world and not develop something that has a negative impact on people.


I think it is important to be happy and appreciate what you have, personally I also need inner peace to be happy. This is also related to my values ​​of health and inner growth, these processes make me happy. The most important thing to me is that everything that has a negative impact on my feelings, I try to remove from my life. I also take that as a designer, I want to convey a positive vibe with my designs and bring that out as much as possible so that the negative disappears.


Inner growth is a value that suits me very well as a person. I think it is very important to grow my personality. For example, becoming aware of what is contributing to my growth and what is not, and leaving behind what is not contributing. I also relate this to myself as a designer, I think it is important to grow in what I do and what I like. I think everyone should take the opportunity to develop themselves. I also link this to strength, you have to have perseverance to achieve your goal. You can not just give up when things go wrong, you learn from mistakes which makes you grow.


I think friendship is very important in life, for me it is a factor of relaxation. It ensures that I get support and pleasure and can talk about situations where my friends have a different view of the situation. In this way I also learn to look at situations from a different perspective so i can approach things differently next time. I also find this important as a designer, namely collaboration. Together you can get so much more than alone, everyone has different qualities and that way you can complement each other very much. It can cause me to gain more experience about a certain skill that I do not know well, and vice versa. This allows you to develop yourself and others and work together towards a relevant end product.


I find fun in life very important, also to radiate that and not always be gloomy. Don't take life too seriously and take everything with a grain of salt. I find this very important as a designer, continue to do what I like and grow in it, but with an eye for ethical responsibility. It is important to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages it entails, and looking at it from there for you as a person if it also contributes to your enjoyment of your work.